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Private Training, Workshops and Demonstrations

Private Training

Private lessons and classes: We provide customized, private training as workplace staff-development, in-service training, educational programming or for community, youth, women's and other public and private groups and organisations. We'll meet first to plan your class(es) and then come to the location of your choice at the agreed upon time with any necessary equipment.

Private workshops, small group classes or mini-courses: (minimum of 2 and maximum of 12 people per instructor) where we agree on dates, time and objectives, you arrange the location and the participants and we supply the instructor(s): $80/hour for one instructor and $50/hour for an additional instructor for workshops. Additional costs may apply if we provide the training location and/or equipment. Discounts may be available for not for profit organisations. Course costs may be negotiated on a per student or flat rate, depending on length and number of students.

On-line training options may also be available.

We also provide self-defence instructor training in the 4 Star Self-defence System.


Self-defence Workshops are generally short (1 - 3 hours) introductory programs which provide an overview and give participants a chance to try basic techniques working with more experienced students. See our class information page for information on workshops offered as part of our regular programing.

Customized workshops can be designed for workplace, educational, and conference settings as well as for schools, community, youth, women's and other public and private groups and organisations.

Some of the organisations for which we have provided private workshops include: The Somali Centre for Family Services, St. Joseph's Women's Centre, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, the Hunt Club Riverside Community Service Centre Youth Program and numerous school and student groups.

A few views from previous introductory workshops: • September  • January  • October  •


We would be pleased to arrange an informative and entertaining demonstration of basic (and maybe even a few more advanced) self-defence techniques for your event, school or group. You sit back and watch while we demonstrate and describe our approach, although we might get one or two volunteers involved.

Self-defence Courses

If you would like more than a demonstration or a workshop for your school or group contact us about arranging a course. Click here for a PDF file outlining a sample six session course.

Schools and Youth

Click here for a PDF file with information on programs aimed for youth, schools, community centres, youth organisations and similar groups.

E-mail Chief Instructor, Master Gary Eikenberry to request information on workshops, seminars or classes or to discuss your specific requirements.

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