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Master Gary Eikenberry, 7th Dan black belt, Chief Instructor
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Who we are

We are a community-based organization operating from rented space, not a commercial school. Our fees are set on a break-even basis. This does not, however, mean compromising quality. President and Chief Instructor, Master Gary Eikenberry (see below) has been teaching martial arts and self-defence in the National Capital Region for more than 25 years and we are affiliated with Advanced Taekwon-Do International and HupKwonDo Martial Arts International.

Of course, there's more to choosing a martial arts or self-defence program than cost or affiliation. Some programs cater to those who are interested in competitive sport. Some focus primarily on aerobic exercise. Other systems appeal to those with aggressive personalities. Some emphasize strict, military style discipline. Really, it is a question of research on your part. Never be afraid to investigate and ask questions. You wouldn't buy shoes without trying them on first. We think a good fit is just as important when it comes to choosing a martial art or self-defence instructor. Come try us on for size. We think you'll like our fit and style.

Master Gary Eikenberry, 7th Dan Black Belt, Chief Instructor
Gary Eikenberry began offering street safety and self-defence training in the 1970's while teaching in Syracuse University's Social Science Program in Non-violent Conflict and Change, combining conflict theory and conflict and crisis management concepts with basic martial arts.
In the 1980's, building on previous training in karate, aikido and judo, his career in ITF Taekwon-Do covered more than seven years and a 2nd degree black belt. In 1993 Master Eikenberry joined Grand Master Lim Ching Sing with his comprehensive new approach to taekwon-do under HupKwonDo International, largely attracted by the increased emphasis on self-defence. He currently holds a 7th degree black belt.
He has taught martial arts and offered classes, workshops, private lessons and lectures and presentations in self-defence theory and techniques in and around the National Capital Region since 1989. In his capacity as founder and Head Instructor Trainer of the 4 Star Self-defence System he is responsible for self-defence instructor training and certification.
He is the owner and principal consultant of GEConsult, an independent Internet and Information Technology Consulting business, in operation since 1990.

Mr. Jesse Eikenberry, 4th Dan Black Belt, Instructor
Since starting with ITF Taekwon-Do at age 7, Jesse's martial arts career has paralleled his father's. He, too, has collected numerous medals during his Taekwon-Do career as well as competing as a Hupkwondo black belt, including earning the distinction as 2005 Canadian-North American Champion, Mens' 3rd Dan Sparring. Jesse also trains privately with Grand Master Lim. He has served as assistant instructor and later, instructor since 1996. In 2009 Jesse returned to the National Capital Region and GO Self-Defence after several years in Whistler, BC.
He is also a Taekwon-do instructor with Winning Circle Martial Arts and Wellness Centre and competes provincially, nationally and internationally in ITF tournaments as a member of Team Winning Circle.
Mr. François Kupo, 3rd Dan Black Belt, Instructor
François Kupo has been training in HupKwonDo and Self-defence with Master Eikenberry since January 2004. He was appointed Assistant Instructor in September, 2006. He earned his 1st degree black belt in HupKwonDo in March, 2009 and was subsequently promoted to Instructor. In July of 2018, testing with Grand Master C.S. Lim at HKD International HQ, he earned his 3rd Dan (degree) black belt.
All of us
Of course, there's more to what makes us who we are than our instructors. Our members are male and female, adults and children. We span a wide range of ages, physical abilities and personal backgrounds. What we have in common is that we enjoy training together and supporting each other, learning and practising real world self-defence and martial arts in a relaxed, friendly, supportive atmosphere.

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